Just finished a few last minute additions to Stephen King’s ‘Night Shift’ from Cemetery Dance due to be published in the new year. Two new stories have been added,  ‘Weeds’ and ‘The Glass Floor’. See the cropped teaser artwork below. weeds1




Also here’s something a little different than my usual work and had a great time working on it. Logo art for a pin badge and sticker for Fox Surf Coffee, a mobile coffee business that travels the UK coast. Good dry run for Sawhorse badges and stickers in the new year, along with some shirts and new prints. More updates very soon!





Artwork for Robert McCammon’s ‘The Listener’

Here’s a teaser of one of five black and white illustrations I supplied for the slipcased and lettered editions of Robert McCammon’s book ‘The Listener’, released today from Cemetery Dance Publications. In addition I also supplied a colour image for a book plate in the lettered addition. I’m a huge fan of Robert McCammon’s writing so this was a total honor to work on, more than that this is one heck of a book! Really can’t recommend this read enough and if you aren’t familiar with the author’s work maybe start here and work back, you’re in for a treat! Click here for more details @Cememtery Dance’s website.



I’ve also been very busy working away on the new release from Sawhorse Books. The finished pencils are almost done and then it’s the finished artworking stage, no news on a release date yet but I would love to get it out later in the year! Will be posting a few teasers very soon along with some other news and artwork.

Mt.Hawke ’20th Anniversary’ Board

So stoked to have worked on this limited edition anniversary board in collaboration with Imperial skateboards to celebrate 20 years of Mt.Hawke skatepark going undercover. Boards are a limited edition of 50 @£50 each exclusively available from Mt.hawke skatepark (they can take card orders over the phone but can’t post out, collection only, which may be a slight issue for those not in Cornwall, UK). Anyways this has been my local skatepark for almost 30 years so was a total honor to lend my pens to this! For those not familiar with the park it started of as a strip of tarmac at the end of a country lane with a few ramshackle street obstacles, a vert and a mini ramp, many years later it’s one of the UK finest indoor parks, and still down that twisty country lane!


Photographer Matt Lidbitter took some great shots of the board ‘here’


Stephen King’s ‘Night Shift’ pre-order!!

Very excited to announce the pre-order for Stephen King’s ‘Night Shift’ Deluxe Special Edition, published by Cemetery Dance Publications. It’s been an absolute dream come true to provide 20 full page pen and ink chapter illustrations for the book, a couple of illustrations are are below, but please click here to take you to the Cemetery Dance pre order page to find out more!


















Some pictures and an update

Just finished a bunch of freelance illustration work this week that hopefully I’ll be able to share very soon. There’s also a good chance I may be able to share an exciting project I worked on for the majority of last year that has a substantial amount of artwork involved. Anyways until then, in the spare hours over the last few weeks i’ve been pottering away on a reworking of ‘The Goatman eats a sandwich’ painting, I rarely go back to a piece but was never happy with the original, he came out ok so can finally call this one done.



Here’s also a logo I did recently for a local music promotions company in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Check them out here at their facebook page: Nettlefold Productions


Just to note i am pretty terrible at maintaining updates on this site but am a lot more active on Instagram @ sawhorse_illustration or find me on facebook.

Sawhorse Books Seconds Sale



Standard editions of both ‘Souvenir’ and ‘The Bone Yard Ballet’ are officially out of print, however I am left with a few boxes of slightly damaged stock that I’m selling at a reduced price. All of these are classed as having minor shelf wear, and are still unread editions. In the Bone Yard Ballet’s case there may be the odd scratch when turned to the light, with Souvenir a small imperfection in part of the foil blocking detail. The contents of the book remain in perfect printed condition and are in no way effected. At Sawhorse I always try to maintain the highest standard in the products so simply I cannot sell these as in mint condition.

Editions of ‘Souvenir’ are available form the Sawhorse Big Cartel shop at £4.50 + p&p, ‘The Bone Yard Ballet at £8.00 + p&p.

For more images and details about these books please roll over the ‘Books’ tab on the site home page and click the relevant title.

HOWL group exhibition

Hi, excited to be part of the HOWL group exhibition in Dalston, London, from the 3rd – 6th December.

Details are below and more information and a chance to check out the other great illustrators I’m sharing wall space with cane be found here: www.howlprojects.com


Just finished this guy a few days ago, he’ll be making into the exhibition along with some new artworks I’ve been working on of late.



You can also follow Sawhorse Books and illustration on Instagram @ sawhorse_illustration or by clicking here:


New Beginnings

Been a little quiet on with updates due to moving into an amazing new studio space at the Krowji arts campus, Redruth, Cornwall. Have been working on a few private commissions of late but can’t wait to get down to painting more personal works intended for future exhibitions, prints and also beginning to artwork on the next book.


Please take some time to check out Krowji at their website: here, or their Facebook page: here