Artwork for Robert McCammon’s ‘The Listener’

Here’s a teaser of one of five black and white illustrations I supplied for the slipcased and lettered editions of Robert McCammon’s book ‘The Listener’, released today from Cemetery Dance Publications. In addition I also supplied a colour image for a book plate in the lettered addition. I’m a huge fan of Robert McCammon’s writing so this was a total honor to work on, more than that this is one heck of a book! Really can’t recommend this read enough and if you aren’t familiar with the author’s work maybe start here and work back, you’re in for a treat! Click here for more details @Cememtery Dance’s website.



I’ve also been very busy working away on the new release from Sawhorse Books. The finished pencils are almost done and then it’s the finished artworking stage, no news on a release date yet but I would love to get it out later in the year! Will be posting a few teasers very soon along with some other news and artwork.