Back in Febuary

Was asked recently about a previous post in which i mentioned a piece of artwork I left on a wall in Bergen, Norway, back in Febuary. We had issues with being able to upload images after that so i had been using the Sawhorse Books facebook page to update things in the meantime. However not everyone has a facebook account so here with a little background to the image are some pics. So in short I took a little holiday back in Febuary to spend with friends in Bergen, one of which is an illustrator, Anne Angleshaug. Anne works regularly for the street art company Bart. So one thing lead to another while i was there and I was asked if i wanted to do a wall piece in the PWC accountancy company’s building. So the night before i was scribbling away trying to think what to do and decided I throw a big hint out there on the character from the next book. However, although the story was written about 4 years ago I’ve never had the time to design the character, so with a few hours on my side and having to tape bits of sketch book together as the snow flurried outside, this dapper gent came to being.



So the next day it was off to the building to start on something I’d never done before, at a scale that was a little daunting and without my usual .25 Isograph pen to keep me safe. The original image was then projected onto the wall and i began pencilling things out. I had only 2 days to do this and half the day by this time had already well and truly slipped away.


So the next day i had to go all out and get this fella finished, the picture i took is a little reflective but i think you can the idea. In hindsight if i had more time i would’ve like to have painted the grey background in the character white, but time just wasn’t on my side. Anyways people at the building seemed pretty happy with him.



So I guess that’s the big reveal for the upcoming book, which i have roughly pencilled out and hope to begin artworking in November. His name is ‘Martin’ by the way.