Post Christmas updated gallery, etc.

Post Christmas greetings, I hope you all had a fantastic time, as the book arrived a little closer to the big day than I planned everything here was a little crazy, but the book launch went well and hopefully those who ordered books received them in time. It was nice to have a few days to put my feet up over the Christmas that’s for sure, a big thank you to those who made it along to the launch and I totally understand that a lot of you couldn’t. I hope those who have the book are enjoying it!

I’ve just added a gallery of  ‘The Bone Yard Ballet’ with some extra images and spreads to the ‘Books’ section of the site, here

I have had a few mails asking about the availability of special editions, if you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy or copies, I’m afraid they have all gone. A further question from those who had pre-ordered a book is where on the site can you pay for reserved special editions, if you could please drop me an email at Sawhorse Books and i will get straight back to you.

The standard edition of the book is available through the shop. At the moment I can only accept card payments through Paypal or directly from a Paypal account, the shopping cart will link to the payment site.

Another question i’ve been asked is about the availability of original artwork and further artwork prints, a good few paintings have been sold but i will be uploading the remaining artworks very soon, or if you wish, please just drop me a line. Prints will become available in the 2nd/3rd week in January 2014.

I think that’s all for now as we head toward 2014!

A Book is Born


So ‘The Bone Yard Ballet’ finally rolled off the press yesterday, just the binding and embossing of the cover to go. A few details about the book, it is hard back in solid black, embossed images on the cover, spine and back, measuring 315x230mm landscape. Printed full colour on quality paper. Standard editions editions are limited to 900 editions at £14.99, the special 100 editions are slip cased in black with a black ribbon to help easy removal of the book, these are priced at £25.00. I’m currently updating the site, more details and photos to follow.