Mt.Hawke ’20th Anniversary’ Board

So stoked to have worked on this limited edition anniversary board in collaboration with Imperial skateboards to celebrate 20 years of Mt.Hawke skatepark going undercover. Boards are a limited edition of 50 @£50 each exclusively available from Mt.hawke skatepark (they can take card orders over the phone but can’t post out, collection only, which may be a slight issue for those not in Cornwall, UK). Anyways this has been my local skatepark for almost 30 years so was a total honor to lend my pens to this! For those not familiar with the park it started of as a strip of tarmac at the end of a country lane with a few ramshackle street obstacles, a vert and a mini ramp, many years later it’s one of the UK finest indoor parks, and still down that twisty country lane!


Photographer Matt Lidbitter took some great shots of the board ‘here’