Sawhorse Books Seconds Sale



Standard editions of both ‘Souvenir’ and ‘The Bone Yard Ballet’ are officially out of print, however I am left with a few boxes of slightly damaged stock that I’m selling at a reduced price. All of these are classed as having minor shelf wear, and are still unread editions. In the Bone Yard Ballet’s case there may be the odd scratch when turned to the light, with Souvenir a small imperfection in part of the foil blocking detail. The contents of the book remain in perfect printed condition and are in no way effected. At Sawhorse I always try to maintain the highest standard in the products so simply I cannot sell these as in mint condition.

Editions of ‘Souvenir’ are available form the Sawhorse Big Cartel shop at £4.50 + p&p, ‘The Bone Yard Ballet at £8.00 + p&p.

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