Some pictures and an update

Just finished a bunch of freelance illustration work this week that hopefully I’ll be able to share very soon. There’s also a good chance I may be able to share an exciting project I worked on for the majority of last year that has a substantial amount of artwork involved. Anyways until then, in the spare hours over the last few weeks i’ve been pottering away on a reworking of ‘The Goatman eats a sandwich’ painting, I rarely go back to a piece but was never happy with the original, he came out ok so can finally call this one done.



Here’s also a logo I did recently for a local music promotions company in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Check them out here at their facebook page: Nettlefold Productions


Just to note i am pretty terrible at maintaining updates on this site but am a lot more active on Instagram @ sawhorse_illustration or find me on facebook.